Our expertise

For over 15 years, we have gained experience as lawyers specializing in trademark and patent protection.

We have evolved to become a partner in comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) services with global reach.

Our legal, business, and technological expertise encompasses all aspects of IP management. Thanks to our clients, we have built a long trajectory of successes across a wide variety of industries and favorable solutions in cases with varying levels of complexity.


The firm is part of the following associations

AMPPI Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, A.C.

INTA International Trademark Association


We have been listed by

World Trademark Review

Leaders League

We have more than

15 years of experience


Our services

At BE THE IP, we protect and maintain the most important tangible and intangible assets of all our clients

Industrial Property

We advise our clients in the protection, registration and management of their industrial property rights and copyrights. We work closely with them to ensure solid protection of their intellectual assets and advise them on monetization and exploitation strategies.

Intellectual Property Litigation

We represent our clients in intellectual property-related litigation, whether in copyright disputes, trademark litigation, or any other intellectual property matter. Our goal is to protect the interests of our clients and seek favorable resolutions through negotiations, mediations or litigation.

Anti-piracy and Suppression of Unfair Competition

We help our clients to fight piracy and unfair competition, implementing rights protection strategies, including civil and criminal actions, as well as coordination with the competent authorities.

Entertainment Law

We offer legal advice to artists, producers, distributors, and other entertainment professionals on matters related to agreements, copyrights, licensing, and intellectual property protection in the entertainment industry.

Licenses, Franchises and Technology Transfer

We help our clients to negotiate and draw up license, franchise, and technology transfer agreements, ensuring the protection of their commercial interests and the correct management of their intellectual assets.

New Information Technologies, Software and Data Privacy

We provide legal advice in the field of new information technologies, including matters related to software, personal data protection and privacy regulatory compliance.

Trade Secrets

We advise our clients on the protection and safeguarding of industrial secrets and know-how, including the implementation of security measures and representation in cases of unauthorized disclosure.

Image rights

We advise our clients on the protection of their right to their own image and privacy, and we represent them in cases of unauthorized use of their image or personal data.

Constitutional Litigation

We represent our clients in constitutional litigation related to intellectual property and neighboring rights, seeking to protect their rights and resolve disputes in the legal field.

Corporate Law

We provide advice on legal aspects related to intellectual property in the corporate field, including the structuring of intellectual property agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and the management of intellectual property rights in business environments.

Sports Law

We offer legal advice in the field of sports law, including the protection of athletes’ image rights, contract negotiation, dispute resolution, and advice on sports regulations.

Domain names and suppression on cybersquatting

We help our clients protect and defend their rights in relation to domain names and we fight cybersquatting, taking legal action to recover domains or defend trademarks against online infringements.


We advise our clients on protecting all types of inventions through patents, utility models, and industrial designs, providing specialized guidance, assisted by our team of engineers experienced in various industry fields.


We advise our clients on the protection, registration, and management of their intellectual property rights. We work closely with them to ensure robust protection of their intellectual assets and advise them on monetization and exploitation strategies.

Administrative Litigation

We represent our clients in administrative litigation, seeking to protect their rights and resolve disputes in the legal field.


BE THE IP provides services to domestic and foreign companies of all sizes,
and from different industrial sectors, such as.





















Professional sports





BE THE IP is committed to society, providing legal services of the highest quality, free of charge, to individuals, associations, institutions, entrepreneurs, students, universities, among others, who do not have access to high-quality legal services, as well as to encouraging Intellectual Property in all sectors.

As part of social responsibility, at BE THE IP we make our Pro Bono program available to any interested party to receive information about it and submit an application.


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Mexico City, Mexico. Zip Code 11700.

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